Certificate of Incumbency

Detailing your existing company structure

Certificate of Incumbency

What is a Certificate of Incumbency?

A Certificate of Incumbency is a document issued by the Registration Agent of the company in the UK.

Why do I need a Certificate of Incumbency?

Sometimes third-parties require information about the current corporate structure of a company and they’re willing to accept this from the registration agent of the company.

Our Service

For all companies incorporated by Companies Home, we can issue a Certificate of Incumbancy for your company in just 24hrs.

We will email you an electronic copy and the Hard copy can be posted or couriered to you directly, or alternatively you can choose to collect it from our office.

The Certificate typically includes a statement on the current structure of the company though may additionally include a number of statements relating to your business such as

• Details of where the company registers are held
• Details of any mortgages or charges
• Details of the bank account signatories
• Details of company officers that can enter into agreement on behalf of the company
• Confirmation that the company is in good standing and not in liquidation
• Confirmation that no action has been taken to close the company and no proceedings are pending or threatened against the company

However please note this document is not government issued and cannot be legalised by Apostille in the UK.

To request additional statements to be included in the Certificate we may request proof (such as Bank Signatories) in order to meet our Compliance requirements.

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Certificate of Incumbency


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