Company Dissolution – Strike Off

Dissolving your company in the easiest, fastest way possible.

 What is a company dissolution?

To Voluntarily deactivate your company from the Companies Home register you are required to file a Dissolution.

Our Service

We will prepare the forms required for the dissolution of your company and advise you of any statutory requirements that may be outstanding that could affect the application to strike off (dissolve) your company, cause potential fines and/or penalties that could be lodged against the directors of the company for stator noncompliance (such as non filing of Accounts for instance).

We will require you to sign the forms and return them to us, whereby we will file the forms and necessary payments, administrative documents or other documents to Companies Home.

We will actively check with Companies Home on the progress of the dissolution and once complete we will email the final dissolution letter from Companies Home.

What you need to know

  • Voluntarily dissolving a company that is no longer required will ensure that the directors of the company will not become subject to fines or penalties issued by Companies Home in letting the company become automatically dissolved.
  • Your company needs to have filed dormant accounts and have no current trading activity before it can be dissolved.
  • The company may not have changed its name as per the records at Companies Home within 3 months of the date of the dissolution form.
  • The company may not have carried out any new trading activities in the 13 weeks preceding the date of the dissolution form.
  • If there are any outstanding debtors or charges over the company, the debtor may object to the dissolution and petition for the company to be restored to enable them to apply for their debts to be repaid.
  • We will check all the information you provide and check the status of the company at Companies Home prior to submitting the Dissolution form and inform you if you need to complete any additional actions.

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