Company Restoration

Restoring your company in the easiest, fastest way possible.

What is a company restoration?

Companies Home offers a fast and easy service to help restore a company to the Companies Home registry after a dissolution, winding up order or if it has previous been struck off the registry. Our dedicated team of company restoration experts have decades of experience in recovering dissolved companies, and work as quickly as possible to have your business up and running again. You will receive updates every stage of the way and, as we handle the entire process, it is a hassle-free experience.

Dependent on the circumstances of the companies dissolution, we will either recommend an administrative restoration or a court order restoration.

Company Dissolution


(excl. VAT)

What is an Administrative Restoration?

If your company has been dissolved by Companies Home due to non-filing of Annual Returns/Confirmation Statements, Annual Accounts or voluntary dissolution within the last 6 years then the only way to restore the company is by Administrative Restoration.

Companies home can assist you in restoring your LTD or LLP quickly and easily. We will manage all the paperwork, follow up on the application and ensure all the relevant documentation is prepared and submitted.

Depending on how long the company has been dissolved, you may be required to prepare accounts and annual return/confirmation statements for the period between dissolution and restoration.

The entire restoration process typically takes 3 weeks, however for simple restorations it can be as fast as 2 weeks, and more complex restorations may take up to 6 weeks to complete.

Companies Home can only process a restoration application on the instruction of the previous director or shareholder of the company at the point of dissolution.

The Fees payable are as follows:

  • Companies Home Restoration Fee: £100
  • Treasury Solicitor Waiver Letter Fee: £150
  • Companies Home processing Fee: £1500 (including up to 6 years Dormant Accounts)
  • Active Accounts Preparation Fee: £300 per year (only applicable if the company was still trading after it had been dissolved at Companies Home)
  • Penalties: Variable Charged by Companies Home for late/non filing of accounts and annual return/confirmation statements (provisional quote provided on service application)

All fees are subject to change and will be confirmed at the time of application.

Please note: The original company name may not be available if another company or LLP has registered with a similar name.

Please Note: Companies that were situated in either Cornwall or Lancashire when dissolved will incur extra charges. The extra charges of £125+vat are payable to Farrer & Co; the solicitors who represent the Duchy Estates.

Contact our Sales Team for more information or to go ahead with restoring your company.