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International Company Formation


An international company is a legal entity registered according to the rules of a particular country or jurisdiction, performing its business outside the country or jurisdiction in which it is registered. 

An International company can also be registered as an International Business Company (IBC).

Many international companies:

  • Are exempted from paying tax on profits gained outside the jurisdiction (0% tax rate)
  • Can maintain confidentiality of company information
  • Have minimal regulatory compliance requirements

WHY REGISTER AN INTERNATIONAL COMPANY? An international company enjoys a number of benefits over a British company.


Many international companies are exempt from taxes on all profits gained outside the jurisdiction. The taxation rate is zero percent (0%) for many IBCs.

An IBC has the right to keep all information about its directors, secretaries or shareholders confidential. The law prevents anyone from enquiring about the details of owners and employees. The owners are not legally required to disclose any information about their company to anyone.

An IBC enjoys the benefit of having to fulfill only minimal compliance requirements. However, the following conditions must be fulfilled for incorporating an International Business Company: 

  1. At least one person must be appointed as a company director at the time of incorporation. The director can also act as the sole shareholder. There is no requirement for appointing a company secretary, as is in the case of registering an onshore company. 
    This means that a single individual can register an International Business Company in an offshore jurisdiction.
  2. It is legal for an International Business Company to keep all company details confidential. Details of ownership such as the personal information of the directors, secretaries and shareholders need not be disclosed to public. Similarly, financial records of an IBC can be kept private. This includes information such as company accounts and share capital.
  3. Another major advantage  is that many IBC companies do not need to file annual returns.
  4. An International Business Company has diverse investment opportunities. In other words, offshore companies may conduct almost any type of business activity. For this reason, offshore jurisdictions attract business from all over the world.
  5. Company meetings of an IBC can be held anywhere in the world – not necessarily in the jurisdiction where the company is registered. Moreover, physical presence of attendees is not required during meetings – meetings may be conducted over the telephone and over the Internet, etc. This saves time and travel fares expenses. International Business Companies also need not hold Annual General Meetings (AGM).
  6. International jurisdictions attract international trade and business activities, which in turn render them credible as business jurisdictions.

20 Jurisdictions

£1870   VAT


£1870 + VAT
£2900   VAT


£2900 + VAT
£1490   VAT


£1490 + VAT
£6000   VAT


£6000 + VAT
£1700   VAT


£1700 + VAT
£2000   VAT


£2000 + VAT
£2500   VAT


£2500 + VAT
£2900   VAT


£2900 + VAT
£1895   VAT

Hong Kong

£1895 + VAT
£6000   VAT

Isle of Man

£6000 + VAT
£2900   VAT


£2900 + VAT
£3000   VAT


£3000 + VAT
£3000   VAT


£3000 + VAT
£2100   VAT


£2100 + VAT
£1750   VAT


£1750 + VAT
£3000   VAT


£3000 + VAT
£1490   VAT


£1490 + VAT
£6000   VAT


£6000 + VAT
£3000   VAT


£3000 + VAT
£2000   VAT


£2000 + VAT

Getting Started

We require the proposed name of your Company and the address where the company will be registered . In addition, we will require the personal details of the director(s) to be registered with the company, in the instance the company is a charity then it must have at least three founding members/trustees.

Memorandum & Articles

As standard we provide model Memorandum & Articles as per the Jurisdiction. 


The legalisation and certification of an official document such as your Company Incorporation Certificate or Articles of Association.


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Follow our step-by-step process to form your new company within 24 hours. 


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Easy Access

No paper documents are required to be filled and all forms are available online. You will receive the original hard copy of the Incorporation Certificate by mail and all company documents (such as the memorandum & articles of association) will be easily available in PDF form online 24/7.

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