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Start your new limited company quickly and easily with the UK’s expert company formation agent.

Getting Started

Incorporating a company with Formations House could not be simpler. To get started, we require the proposed name of your company and the address where the company will be registered . In addition, we will require the personal details of the director(s), and if applicable the secretary, to be registered with the company. If the newly incorporated company is to be a subsidiary of another business entity, we will require the company name(s) and registration number(s) of these businesses involved. Finally, we will need confirmation of the share structure you wish to implement with your new company.

Address Services

Interested in protecting your privacy? 

Our Company Address Services enable you to use one of our central London locations as either your Registered Office or Virtual Office, have a look at our packages. 


Formations House ensures that your company starts on the right foot. Our world-class accounting packages are tailor made to be simple, effective and easy to use right out of the box. 


Use our simple online checker to see if your name is available.


Follow our step-by-step process to form your new company within 24 hours. 


Look through our various packages to begin running your company the very next day

We Provide Free Unlimited Online Support

Help is never more than a click away, our advisers are able to answer any and all of your questions. 

Easy Access

No paper documents are required to be filled and all forms are available online. You will receive the original hard copy of the Incorporation Certificate by mail and all company documents (such as the memorandum & articles of association) will be easily available in PDF form online 24/7.


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With our innovative and low-cost service, we have taken the difficulty out of establishing a new Limited Company in the UK. With expertise honed since 2004, our business specialists have the knowledge to provide a bespoke service catered to your new business’s needs. Over  and four hundred thousand companies have been incorporated with our pioneering low-cost electronic system.