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Nominee Corporate Company Secretary

What is a Nominee Corporate Company Secretary?

A Company Secretary for a UK Ltd company is an official appointed to the company to provide financial and legal compliance requirements.
Please note, it is no longer a requirement for a company incorporated in the UK to appoint a Company Secretary but the appointment of such secretary can be beneficial for proper ongoing compliance of the business as legislated by the Companies Act 2006.

Our Nominee Services

We will appoint a Nominee Corporate Company Secretary to your business who will ensure you are informed of any legal or financial compliance requirements throughout the year.
The Nominee Corporate Secretary will not take an active role in operating the business, and will not act as a Person with Significant Control (PSC Officer). They will not be appointed as a signatory to any bank account or other trading account.

What You Should Know

Appointing a Nominee Corporate Secretary enables you to have access to advice and information relating to the proper running of your business. The service will send you updates and reminders relating to the statutory administration of your company.
The Directors of the company will maintain final responsibility for ensuring the administrative duties of the company are met such as timely filing of company accounts, tax returns and confirmation Statements.

Should you require specific advice or information relating to a statutory requirement of a specific business industry or operation, we may require the purchase of a consultancy service.

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