Phone Services

Our Virtual Receptionists will make sure you never miss a call, no matter when it’s made.

Phone Services


Our Phone Answering Service


Our Phone Answering service utilises Infini’s powerful backend communications platform to ensure every call made to your dedicated Central London phone number is answered, and processed in the way that suits you best. After the personalised greeting, you can choose to have the call forwarded nationally or internationally, or have a virtual operator take a message for you. The service can also act as a voicemail functionality, recording the audio and forwarding the message to you.


  • Prestige Central London phone number: a phone number with the area code corresponding to your prestigious London address, answered Monday-Friday 09:00 – 17:00, by a Virtual Assistant in your company’s name;
  • Prestige Central London fax number: a fax number with a Central London area code, all correspondence forwarded to a destination of your choosing immediately;
  • After hours call forwarding: to a destination of your choosing.


Your Text

Your Text

Phone & Fax Service

FROM £50/month

£50 set-up fee

(excl. VAT)

No additional fees for call forwarding

Additional phone lines can be purchased for only £10/month each

Our Fax Number Service

We offer a convenient and low-cost solution for receiving facsimile messages; this can be purchased as a standalone service or in conjunction with other InfiniOffice services.

Faxes will be received at your dedicated fax number (with a Central London area code). Then you have the option to either:

  • View the faxes in our online portal;
  • Forward faxes to a national or international fax number;
  • Forward faxes to a specified email address.