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What is a Readymade or Shelf company?

A Readymade company (sometimes referred to as a shelf company) is a company that has been registered & incorporated but hasn’t actually begun trading. We at Companies Home being one of the very first companies to open in this sector;  incorporated many prestige names early on and provide an ideal solution if you require a company number extremely quickly or if you need to operate as an older company with a prestige name.

All of our Readymade companies are completely up to date with their filing of Dormant Company Accounts and filing of Confirmation Statements.

Buying a readymade company with Companies Home could not be simpler. To get started we require the name of your company and the address where the company will be registered . In addition, we will require the personal details of the director(s), and if applicable the secretary, to be registered with the company. If the newly incorporated company is to be a subsidiary of another business entity, we will require the company name(s) and registration number(s) of these businesses involved. Finally, we will need confirmation of the share structure you wish to implement with your new company.