Shareholders’ Privacy Service

Keeping your shareholder’s information secure

Shareholders’ Privacy Service

How It Works

Companies Home company protection service will provide a level of security over your company name and potential filing changes.

We will proactively check each week for any new incorporations at Companies House with names similar to your company name, and inform you of any findings.

Additionally, all changes to be made to your company such as change in ownership, appointments of secretaries, shareholders or other changes such as registered address or accounts filing dates, may only be made via our online administration system, or may be filing manually by a member of Cjmpanies Home with your written approval and our additional signature authenticity check.

Paper filing of many company documents can still be made directly to Companies House, meaning your company could potentially be a victim of Hijacking and fraudulent use.

We ensure no changes can be made to your company without your knowledge.

Please note we require your authentication code if not already registered through us previously. 


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