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A trademark is an identification of a company’s product or service, and may be a symbol, word, phrase, logo, or any combination of these. The use of this identification is legally established through registration with the Trademark Office. Companies Home offers a Trademark Registration service at a nominal fee of £650.

Once registered, trademark renewals are required 10 years after the original date of registration.Companies Home also offers this service at a fee of only £400.

For both the above processes, the following information is required:

  • Company Name
  • Registration Number
  • Trademark to be registered
  • Brief description of business activities

Trade Mark Application


(excl. VAT)

Important Information about Trademark Applications

Our trademark service is designed as a low cost service for small business to register trademarks where there is no likelihood of an objection arising from third parties. We undertake extensive consultation and discovery before we file a trademark to minimise the chance of an objection arising. The pre-filing can last anywhere between 3 to 12 months. The pre filing consultation information is confidential and we will not reveal it to the trademark applicant. The fact that we do not reveal this information to the applicant allows us to communicate freely with other parties and to a reach a decision as to the efficacy of filing the trademark application. 

If after our pre-filing discovery and consultation phase we decide the trademark is viable and file the application and subsequently an objection does arise, the trademark applicant will be will liable for the costs of the party objecting to the trademark if he loses the case. The cost can run into thousands of pounds. 

We will not reveal the details of the consultation process we undertake before pre-filing or provide documentation or assistance if an objection arises. If an objection arises, your options are either to withdraw your application, before incurring extensive legal costs, of if you wish to employ a lawyer who can represent you in the case.